Vision China Co., Limited is an established and dynamic engineering trading and servicing company founded by a group of engineers with more than 15 years experiences in distributing of materials testing instruments. We have four sales / service offices in Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou and Chengdu. Well trained and experienced service technician make sure of quick response to customer’s service request and thus fully customer satisfactory.


We only represent those manufacturers who are market leaders worldwide and therefore provide equipment with good reputation for quality and service support.


Principals represented by China Vision include:


Advanced Blending Solutions LLC

       -      Blending

       -      Material convey 

       -      Railcar unload

       -      Storage

       -      Controls

Ametek, test and calibration instrument

       -      Lloyd Universal testing machine,PET Plus IV Tester

       -      Newage hardness test instrument

       -      Chatillon force testing instrument

BDC Laboratories

-      Stent/Graft fatigue tester

-      Heart Valve fatigue tester

BST ProControl GmbH

-      Online thickness gauge and automatic thickness control systems for film/sheet.

Carter Bros (Rochdale) Ltd

-      Internal rubber mixer

-      Lab size internal mixer

Coatema Coating Machinery GmbH

-      High performance coating line

-      Prepreg lamination line

IIC Innovative Imaging Corp. KG

-      NMR, Rubber cross-link density instrument

Labtech Engineering Co. Ltd

-      Leading polymer processing equipment provider.

-      Offering laboratory/pilot size single-screw extruders, twin-screw extruders, cast / blowing film line, high-speed mixer, hydraulic press, two-roll mills, pipe / tube extrusion lines, blow molding machine, etc.

Langzauner Gesellschaft m.b.H

-      Hydraulic presses for composite materials

Lacerta Technology Ltd

-      DETA, identiPol QA

OCS Optical Control Systems GmbH

-      Online quality control solutions for Petrochemical industry including pellet scanning system, gel counter, online FTIR for additive detecting, online rheometer, online Haze and gloss, etc

-      Wide web inspection system FSP600/Eagle Eye.

Prescott Instrument Ltd

-      Rubber rheometer, Mooney, MDR, RPA

Prosim (Simulation Solutions Limited)

-      Hip & Spine Implant Wear Simulator, Knee Wear Simulator, Universal Jonitn Simulator

PSA Technology

-      High performance Slitters/Rewinders

Ray-Ran Test Equipment Ltd

-      Materials evaluation instruments, sample preparing instruments, sample testing instruments

Sciteq AG

-      Pipe testing instrument

TMI, Test Machines Inc

-      Packaging materials testing instrument


Our commitment, your confidence!


Contact Info:

Vision China Co., Limited

Unit 208/209, Bldg 2, Taihong R&D Park, 59 Shen Nan Road

Minhang 201108, Shanghai, P.R.China

Tel: +86 21 6413 9100

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